The Rummage Sale
3 Ways to Help

Every item we sell is a tax-deductible donation from our great supporters. Donate your new or gently used items to help AHS raise money to fund our great community programs and care for the cats and dogs at the Adoption Center. There are some restrictions on what we can accept and when as we have to have the ability to store it until the sale. We cannot accept old style TVs or computers. Please contact us to learn more about donating yard sale items.


Since every item for sale at the Rummage Sale and 127 Yard Sale has been donated to us, each dollar you spend goes directly to the care of our adoptable cats and dogs and to fund our community programs. You can feel good about getting a great deal and helping out the homeless pets in Anderson County at the same time. The Rummage Sale is held at the American Legion every year, but our 127 Yard Sale site varies.


A lot of people have a hard time volunteering at the Adoption Center because it makes them feel sad or it's too physically demanding. Volunteering at one of our sales is a great way to help the dogs and cats in our care without having to see the sad puppy dog eyes. Volunteers set out sale items, sell to the public, and help pack away anything left over at the end. Check out our volunteer page for more info or contact us at

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