Dog Adoption

Are you ready?

Adopting a dog is a big deal. Here are some very important things to consider before making the leap to dog ownership:

  • Financial responsibility - Annual vet visits, food, toys, and other expenses can add up quickly. Would you be able to afford the costs of an emergency vet visit if your dog was ill or injured?

  • Time commitment - Depending on your dog's specific needs; training, exercise, and basic care (potty breaks, feeding, grooming) can take a few hours each day. Do you have the extra time to give him? If you travel or work a lot, it may not be the best time to adopt a dog.

  • Family - Dogs are a part of the family, but is everyone in your family on the same page about getting a new dog?

  • Personality - A lot of times we have to guess on what breeds make up a dog's ancestry. Guessing a dog's heritage based on its looks is no science and we're the first to admit we could be completely wrong. Regardless of breed, each dog is unique and its personality may be a stark contrast to what is normally expected of that breed anyway. The only way to know if a certain dog will fit your family is to meet him. Is the dog too energetic for you? Is the dog too laid-back for your active lifestyle? Is the dog aloof and might be more of a challenge for you to train? Are you looking for a more independent dog? Make sure the dog's personality will suit your lifestyle.

  • The future - Dogs usually live are 15 years and sometimes into their early twenties. Though you can't predict the future, be aware you are making a commitment to the dog you adopt and you should be prepared to do what you can to care for him for his entire lifespan.

  • Love and friendship - The companionship your new dog will offer you will leave a lasting paw print on your heart. The benefits of dog ownership are scientifically proven and have even been linked a longer, healthier life. Are you ready to welcome your new best friend to your family?


Our adoption process:

  • Fall in love with one of our wonderful adoptable pets

  • Fill out the adoption application

  • Once your application is approved, you are ready to take your new friend home

  • Your new pet has to be ready for you too. All cats and dogs are required to be spayed/neutered and receive applicable vaccinations before they can go to their forever home. If the pet you are interested in has not visited the Veterinarian yet, you will have to wait until after their appointment before you can take them home.

  • Once your new friend is ready to come home, you will sign the Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee.

Please understand we are trying to find the best possible home for every pet at AHS and the best pet for every adopter. Playing matchmaker isn't always easy, so have patience as we look over your application for approval and try to find the best fit for you!

$95 Adoption Fee includes:
Rabies Vaccination
Parvo/Distemper Vaccination
Fecal test and dewormer (if needed)
Flea preventative
Veterinary exam

(Heartworm test or Microchip

available for $15 additional fee) 

​Even with discounted Veterinary fees, each pet costs AHS around $100 in Vet care

Adopting from AHS is like paying a portion of the vet costs and getting your new pet completely FREE!


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